Apr 5 2009 11:13 pm

a man don't live by his dinner alone

First things first: thank you Adam D. Dunn, my brother, your friend, for making happen.  Dude is a wizard of the server side.  He stripes his raids and everything.  I am very much looking forward to his visit this coming week.  We are going fishing for muskie.  I really hope we catch at least one.   

As for current business, I just returned from North Carolina and my annual pilgrimage to the southern Appalachians in search of trout and the good life for a week.  I fished the Tuckaseegee, the Davidson, and some brook trout streams in the Nanatahala National Forest and in the Smokies.  I also got to hang out with Seán and Krista and Seán’s friend Chris.  A good time was had by all, I hope (sorry I was drunk and loud on Thursday night Krista). 

Though as with anything, there were the ups and there were the downs.

The ups:

  1. Catching the troots
  2. Being the first one on the water at the Davidson because I slept in my car
  3. Eating and drinking at Guadalupe’s (mango pork tacos, a Highland’s Pale Ale, a Terrapin Rye, and two too many 90 minute IPAs)
  4. Laphroaig Quarter Cask
  5. Learning about David Olney and listening to “Sweet Poison” while fairly drunk in Seán’s car
  6. Hanging out with Dr. Seán O’Connell and Krista, M.S.L.S., academic power couple, where the sarcasm is so thick you could cut it with a spoon and the homebrew flows like water
  7. Backpacking in the park on an 80 degree day in April

The downs:

  1. The condensation on the inside of my car because I slept in it
  2. French toast with peanut butter and syrup is generally looked down upon in the Schmiconnell home
  3. Sore feet

I shot a lot of video this past week, mostly of the high mountain brookies, hence no photos of them.  Look for some clips in the near future at your favorite animal/beverage website.



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