Sep 20 2008 11:53 am

all day on a five weight

Well, things have been a bit rough around here lately hence my lack of enthusiasm about putting shit up on this website.  But we must persevere.  There are fish to catch and beers to drink.  Bad poetry to write.  Philosophy to teach.  Philosophy to do.  D. pseudoobscura inversions to understand.  Philosopher’s history to do.  Like NR Hanson.  There’s a big difference between real history of science and the philosopher’s history of science.  Our departmental colloquium speaker yesterday seemed to claim there isn’t.  Maybe I’ll work up a post about that.  Probably not.  But maybe.  I’m sure you’ll all be chomping at the bit for that one.  Baited breath be bullied and boiled behind baser beatitudes.  Suckers.


So the local reservoir has come down a lot since the spring floods (last time I was there) and the hybrid bass are feeding on the flats off the dam.  I’ve gone four nights this past week whipping my fly rod around trying to catch them.  Nothing too large, but I’ll take 10” wiper on the 5 weight all day any day.  Those things are fucking bulldogs.  Tougher than smallmouth I promise you that.  I’ve also picked up several small walleye in the tailwater.  My first walleyes.  The least slippery fish on the planet.  They’re like sandpaper.  I hooked up with a monster in the tailwater a couple days ago as well.  Not sure what it was.  I fought it for five minutes and never saw it.  Then it broke my 15lb fluorocarbon tippet.  Probably on a rock.  But it was a beast I tell you.  A beast.


In other fishing news I picked up a new 8wt rod last week as my cheap ass Orvis 8wt broke on the Juniata River this past July and Orvis takes up to 6 weeks to fix rods and there are big fish to catch now god dammit.  It’s a Temple Fork Outfitters (TFO) TiCr and I like it pretty good. 


Next weekend I’m traveling with Justin to the Cumberland Tailwater to float in search of big browns.  First weekend of October is Sean’s wedding and thus a couple days in the Smokies on small creeks.  Today is another wiper quest.  Tomorrow HD cable is installed and I do some philosopher’s history of genetics.  It’s a hard life.  Hopefully there will be some beery things up here in the near future as well. 


Good luck.  God speed.  Don’t get gonorrhea.  


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