Mar 19 2009 9:46 pm

all the fine things of early spring

After a frustrating day at work yesterday I telephoned Yaniv and Adam.  We had some plans to eat wings so eat them we did.  Yaniv's roomate Jef, with whom I am completely smitten, joined us in wings and quite a few beers and Jameson 12 year.  Then we played poker and smoked Nat Shermans while the rain came down in buckets and lightening kept happening.  I fell asleep on Yaniv’s couch for a while then drove home in the wee hours. 


Today around noon I made some coffee and started rebuilding my streamer box. I tied five Clousers, two bunny leeches, and two crayfish and put them in my new Bugger Barn.

Justin and I got to the river around 3:30pm under gin clear blue skies and a hot sun, but the cold front kept the air crisp and temperatures in the fifties.  The creeks got a much needed shot of water last night and the smallies were definitely turned on.  I caught several but Justin couldn’t hook up. 


We repaired to the patio at Upland with Yaniv as the sun set behind us and lit up the yellow wall.  Phil and Tami joined us quite by accident.  I enjoyed a few snifters of this year’s Ard Ri which was sweet, citrusy, bitter, and warming.  We built a small drafty shelter of propane heaters and enjoyed things for a while.  The Chocolate Moose was really a quite unnecessary and rather extravagant final stop of the day. 

I’m still pissed about the stolen rod, but last night and today have gone a long way towards making me feel better.


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