Oct 27 2008 12:36 pm

anything can happen when you swing a piece of wood

Or so says Jimmy Rollins about Joe Blanton's home run.  I went to the World Series last night because I am a lucky man.  It was about the perfect baseball game.  Great seats.  Great beer.  Incredible game.  Phillies' offense has been anemic.  Vegetarian-thin.  Squeaking out some cheap small ball wins, though thank the lord, I'm not complaining.  Can't we produce an honest to goodness RBI single?  For Christ's sake.


It started slow.  Bad call, sac-fly RBI.  Up 1 nothing.  Three runners stranded in the first inning.  Another one of these games?  That's fine.  I'm happy to be here.


Then Pedro Feliz puts one down and actually gets an honest to goodness RBI single.  Awesome.


Things are looking up.  Two men on, Ryan Howard steps up to bat and takes one out to left.  The crowd went nuts.  I went nuts.  And things only got better. 


Sitting behind third base was cool because I was privy to the ruthless heckling of Eva Longoria.  I might of even done some chanting my self..."Eeeeevaaaaa, Eeeeeeevaaaaaa."  He went o-fer. 


Then there were the two Rays fans in my section.  Two good looking women who had a serious set of cojones.  They actually stood up and rang their stupid little bells when the Rays scored their two runs.  They were booed mercilessly.  Heckled.  If they were dudes they probably would have been physically assualted.  If the Rays won they probably would have been assualted regardless of their gender. 


Even the vendor who sold them beer got booed. 


Fuckin A.  Good game.  Go Phils. 


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