May 13 2010 10:22 pm

arms only dance party

I had a shade too much whiskey last night at the roommate’s birthday party so I go out to the brewpub tonight thinking it’s safe, can’t get whiskey there.  Should have known better.  JL Water’s crew represents, namely Joe, with a bottle of Eagle Rare on the sly.  And of course why wouldn’t Eileen be there with some white liquor?  Like hot nuts in a glass.  Really nice. 

So running the fly shop in Bloomington means you get a lot of folks coming in talking about the various expeditions they went on with Bob Knight.  Kamchatka, Montana, etc.  Got three dozen bluegill “spiders” today in a ziplock at the shop with the card below.

Off to Michigan this weekend for a few days to prep the boat and do some fishing.  Carp in Traverse City?  Big browns on fry patterns?  I hope.  Little driving never killed me none. 


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