Nov 25 2008 4:46 pm

bad fishing, good eating

J to the UT (Justin) and I went to fish the Indiana tailwater this past weekend.  We fished most of the day on Saturday, stayed the night in the beautifully appointed Mound Haven Motel, and fished most of the day on Sunday.  The water was high.  The temperature was low.  And the fishing wasn't so hot.  We threw streamers most of the time and caught a few stocker browns.  There was a sporadic midge hatch on Sunday afternoon as the sun came out and the temperature climbed into the forties and I caught a another small brown on a midge larva.  


But this story isn't about the fishing.  It is about the eating. 


On Saturday night we stopped into Ye Olde Shack on the main drag in Brookville.  Unfortunately the Penn State game was on in the bar and I was DVRing it so I naturally couldn't sit there.  So we sat in the dining room.  Things started off badly when I asked what they had on draught.  "Umm, only bottles.  But we've got anything you might want to drink."  Hmmm.  "Any craft brews?"  "What?"  "You know, microbrews."  "Ummm, we got Bud."  "Do you have MGD?"  "I don't know."  "I'll have a Bud."


The wings were breaded and not that good.  The cheese sticks were hollow.  My medium rare t-bone was well done and my baked potato was cold.  The chocolate fudge sundae was average.  


The next morning we ate at the Goldfinch Restaurant on 52 just outside of downtown.  We had beautiful plump biscuits piled high with scrambled eggs and sausage gravy and a healthy serving of golden fried potatoes with hefty but not overwhelming spices.  It was $6. 


We returned to the Goldfinch on Sunday night and enjoyed a very fine, mostly fried, appetizer sampler.  I then had a huge, made to order, fried chicken breast, good mash potatoes, and the vegetable of the day, green beans.  They were cooked with ham.  It was grand.  




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