Jun 26 2009 12:09 am

bass and trout till dark

I turned in grades on Sunday.  I’m done teaching for the summer.  Perhaps the last time I'll teach the beer class.  Such is life and all that. 

The last couple weeks have been pretty busy what with the teaching every day, the grading, working in the shop, blah blah bitch whine.  But now I’m able to fully enjoy the fact that it stays light here until 9:30pm.  Of course the wicked thunderstorms put a damper on things and blew out the river, but I still got out.  Erika even joined me in the muddy creek on Tuesday because she’ll try anything once (her words).  She didn’t catch a fish, and neither did I, but she did throw a nice line and even charmed a decent bass to her feet.

By Wednesday the creek had come down to reasonable levels with an ideal stain.  I fished for a few hours after work until it got dark picking up a lot of hungry dinks and few decent fish.  I also managed the first legitimate top water smallmouth of the year. 

Today Tim and I fished the “local” tailwater until 9:30pm.  I will regale you with sunburn and trout tomorrow.  Good night, god speed, etc.


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