Dec 29 2008 8:02 pm

beer notes: Dec 21-29 2008

Went fishing today.  Got skunked.  So I thought I'd make some notes about the beers I've had since I've been out of Indiana for winter break.  Decent list if you ask me.  More to come from the second half I'm sure. 


I don't usually drink this much.  Really.


Dec 21, Augustiner Lager: Primanti Brothers Pittsburgh with R and Kevin, two half liters, I didn’t want to have a Yuengling or Iron City.  It went well with the double meat steak sandwich and bucket of wings and whole dill pickle. 


Dec 24, Victory Prima Pils: family Christmas eve party, several bottles, my favorite lager?  Perhaps.  Crisp and herbaceous and refreshing.


Dec 24, Victory St. Victorious: family Christmas eve party, several bottles, a fine doppelbock whose heat shines through all the malt. 


Dec 24, Yuengling Lager: family Christmas eve party, when the Victory ran out I had a few bottles of a beer that is only great because it’s from Pennsylvania.


Dec 26, Bear Republic Racer 5: Blind Tiger Ale House Manhattan with Chris, one draught pint, like a pine tree, a grapefruit, and a basketball sized gob of cotton candy.  Kind of blew my socks off.  Hadn’t had one since summer 2005.  My mistake.     


Dec 26, Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye: Blind Tiger Ale House Manhattan with Chris, one hand pulled pint, a little hefty for the cask in my opinion, but still a fine beer with a powerful hop character. 


Dec 26, Lagunitas IPA: Alligator Lounge Brooklyn for MIP, a few draught pints, nice West Coast IPA with sturdy American hops and big malt sweetness. 


Dec 26, Brooklyn Lager: Alligator Lounge for MIP, many many pints, an easy drinker but could be cleaner. 


Dec 26, Guinness: Alligator Lounge for MIP, a few pints, there were many pitchers floating around. 


Dec 26, Pabst Blue Ribbon: Bushwick Country Club Brooklyn for MIP, three 16oz cans, at this point, these beers were pretty good and the shots of Old Crow bourbon and pickle juice chasers were even better. 


Dec 26, Sapphire Gin and Tonic: Sweet Ups Brooklyn for MIP, fancy Mills-Knapp bought me this lady's drink.


Dec 26, Negra Modelo: Mexican restaurant Brooklyn for MIP, one 12oz bottle, nobody spoke much English at this place but luckily Mills-Knapp’s Spanish is so good it wasn’t a problem, the burritos were pretty fucking tasty and I’m not sure who ordered the beer.  I vaugely remember being there.


Dec 27, Radegast Pilsner: hipster breakfast place in Brooklyn for MIP, one draught pint, was pretty good, went well with my huevos rancheros and spicy home fries.  Ordered a Prima Pils but they were out of that.


Dec 27, Victory Wiesen: Victory brewpub with Rob and Pell and D$, one draught half liter, billed as a Marzen style lager and given a confusing name, this was a decent enough, very clean beer with a hint of malt sturdiness, but lacked anything special. 


Dec 27, Victory Uncle Teddy’s Bitter: Victory brewpub with Rob and Pell and D$, one hand pulled half pint, this is one of my favorite Victory brews for many years now.  Served from the hand pump this fine ale is cool not cold, smooth not spritzy, light not watery, 4% abv a session beer, that is direct with its hop character, citrus and herbal but not bitter at all, doesn’t overwhelm, a pillow of soft malts.  I love it.


Dec 27, Victory Vista Farms Harvest Ale: Victory brewpub with…one draught pint, this beer was not memorable.  It was fine, hoppy, but not memorable.


Dec 27, Victory Storm King Stout: Victory…one hand pulled half pint, I like this roasty beast but I should have had another Uncle Teddy’s.


Dec 28, Fuller’s London Pride Ale: The Whip with mom and dad for lunch, one bottle, the best by date was Sept 2008, this beer was decent, it is better when it’s fresh.  The Whip is a cool little English pub out in the Chester County countryside.  They have a nice bottle list but it’s pretty overpriced.  The Innis and Gunn’s was $10 if I remember correctly. 


Dec 28, Innis and Gunn’s Oak Aged Beer: The Whip with mom and dad for lunch, one bottle, this beer was a pleasant surprise, fairly hefty at 6.6% abv and sweet with a solid maltiness and more than a whisper of whiskey character, it has a big mouthfeel, almost creamy (or perhaps syrupy) and little to no carbonation.


Dec 29, Victory Uncle Teddy’s Bitter: Victory brewpub with mom for dinner, one hand pulled half pint, see above. 


Dec 29, Victory Almost Anton’s Lager: Victory brewpub with mom for dinner, one draught half liter, billed as in the ballpark of a Vienna Lager, this beer had a lot more to remember it by than the Weisen with big, sweet malt character and a clean, brisk finish. 

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