Sep 1 2009 10:31 am

breaking radio silence- take 2

[EDITOR'S NOTE- there were supposed to be pictures with this.  I was at Devan's shop, Conejos River Anglers, and the super spotty sattelite internet kept crapping out.  I must have accidentally posted this.  I didn't mean to.  As I said, there are pictures.  So guess where I am now?  No.  I'm in my tent at the Chapparal General Store campground where they have wireless.  I thought they might, so I checked.  They do.  9,000' in the middle of nowhere and there's wireless.  Awesome.  Also, I caught a huge slab of a rainbow and two small pike out of Spinney Lake this afternoon.  But those pictures will have to wait.]


I'm out of the woods for now.  For the moment.  Devan's the man, providing internet access [sic], pike fishing, general warm heartedness, hospitality, and lots of good stories and ground breaking nymphing techniques.   


Alex and Kyle and Gracie are also the men.  We met for an all too brief time, though Gracie and I have some full moon mouse bromance scheduled for Friday.


I hit a high country lake in Gunnison National Forest last week after the wedding.  It went kind of like this: 

  • 8:00am, 10,000' - shit it's cold.  I'm stiff.
  • 8:30am, 10,000' - this ramen is going to be so nice and hot and salty.   Shit.  I seem to have lost my spoon and fork.  Is there any way I can blame this on Chris?  No.  Shit.  I will eat it with my knife.  Carefully.
  • 9:45am, 10,100' - this is a rocky trail.  Steep.
  • 9:55am, 10,125' - whew.  This is hard. 
  • 10:00am, 10,160' - better take a breather.
  • 11:00am, 10,300' - fuck.
  • 12:00pm, 10,400' - fuck.
  • 1:00pm, 10,500' - I want thick air, so thick it can be chewed, so thick it is uncomfortable and moist like a dirt nap, a humid hoosier July day. 
  • 2:00pm, 10,550' - fuck.
  • 3:00pm, 11,700' - I catch a second wind.  
  • 8:00pm, 11,711' - there sure is a lot of bending over to stake this tent out, whoa, dizzy standing up there. 
  • 3:00am, 11,711' - jesus christ it is cold. 

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