Jun 23 2008 9:02 pm

brotherly love

See, the thing about my brother is that he’s the man.  He built this website.  From scratch.  In between making real websites.  For money.  He’s gotten good at this sort of thing while working for the development company, Nimblelight, he and two of his friends started last year.  He moved to Philadelphia and now he’s an honest web developer.  He’s always been interested in computers (he actually built my machine) so it has been truly heartwarming to see the company he started become successful and continue to grow. 


Adam is an excellent fly caster.  My cast is hard and unrefined.  His is graceful.  Natural.  Adam is an excellent skier.  My turns are forced and heavy.  His are sinuous and flowing.  Adam was an excellent roller bladder.  Until he broke his arm.  Twice.  His interest in fly tying inspired me to give it a try.  I traded an old monitor for his tying vise last year.  He quit tying flies.  He doesn’t really ski any more.  He’s not particularly passionate about fishing these days. 


But this is one of the  beautiful things about my brother: the effortlessness and almost fleeting nature of his pursuits.  He never seems to work very hard at things, but he excels at them all.  I wish I had his natural gifts.


Thank you Adam for building this site and for being a great brother.


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