Mar 13 2009 10:01 pm


I’ve taken to eating nothing but burritos.  A one pounder in the morning with my coffee and two more at night before bed.  I’ve become extremely regular.  And I have heartburn more often than not.

As a tree grows in Brooklyn, so does the scatological side of this website.  Of course not actually in Brooklyn.  Though from what I’ve heard, Bloomington is the most Brooklyn-esque city in the Midwest.  It has an abnormally large population of Russians and an abnormally large population of hipsters who ride fixed gear bicycles and secure their shoulder bags with seat belt buckles.

It’s a trope people.  And I’m running with it.

In addition to the burritos I’ve also taken to fishing the small creeks in my area with nothing but an eight weight.  It makes casting heavy, wind resistant flies much easier.  And while you can catch smallies on dry flies sometimes, it’s not exactly the norm.  I’ve also taken to fishing 11.5lb tippet.  It makes fighting fish and retrieving hung-up flies a lot easier.  Turns out the fish don’t seem to be all that leader shy anyway.    

I can always go back to the 5wt if I want, which, by the by, I’ve over lined with a heavy 6wt (technically a 6 ½ weight I guess).

What’s the difference between slinging crank baits on a spinning rod and throwing #2 Clousers on an eight weight?  Not much except the risk of self inflicted injury I suppose.  

Now it’s time for another burrito.


I’m fishing tomorrow.  And Sunday.  Then on Monday it’s off to the “local” tailwater to check in on the troots.  Maybe the water will stay down and the sun will stay out and the midges will come off?  A man can dream.  The eight weight really lays down a delicate #28.  And protects 8x well.

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