Jul 16 2009 10:26 pm

canyonero sore

See, the thing about the Smokies is that when you go there it will probably rain.  Luckily, on Wednesday, it didn’t start raining until 5 minutes after we started the bone jarring hike/climb/crawl back down the creek toward camp.

I shot down on Monday and fished the Cherokee “trophy waters” for a few hours.  Way too expensive for what it is.  $7 for a daily fishing permit and $20 for the yearly catch and release waters permit.  There are some absurdly big fish in there, giant goldens or “palominos” as they call them, that stand out like sore thumbs against the brown cobble substrate, long snakey rainbows that were put in the creek fat I’m sure, but don’t have the food now to keep it on.  Big browns and brookies too.  But there is little pretense that any spawning is happening and in fact one ranger told me that they feed them in the creek by floating pellets down the river.  That made me throw up a little in my mouth.  They also stock the creek quite often.  The thing is going to turn into a freak bastard child of the Davidson.  I caught a couple average stocker rainbows and one of the 18” long snake rainbows which I fumbled during the photoshoot.  I also caught what appeared to be a resident rainbow- about 6” long and stout with sharp fins and great color.  Thought that was nice.  I also bought some Redman tobacco on the reservation which was awkward.    

On Tuesday morning I caught a few brookies on Straight Fork before meeting up with Seán and Daniel for our hike over the mountain.  I am way out of shape, particularly with a 50lb pack on, particularly compared to Daniel who is in freakishly good shape what with riding bicycles 100 miles up Mt. Mitchell and marathons and mini (?) Iron Mans etc.  But really I’m just in bad shape.   

We arrived at camp and Seán produced four surprise beers.  Hazah.  Two of which were a Tuckaseegee Brewing Cooperative Test batch of Panthertown Pale in Sprite bottles.  Daniel didn’t have a whole one. 
Unfortunately, Seán had to leave us before dark.  

The next day Daniel and I set off up the creek fishing for brook trout in an all out media blitz.  Me with the video camera, Daniel in charge of stills.  I got a lot of good footage.  I promise that I am making a movie about southern strain brook trout called “Southern Strain” and that it will be completed relatively soon.  Does anyone know anything about trouble shooting Adobe CS4 Media Encoder? 

Climbing up that river was about as close to canyoning there is in the east.  Reminded me of this trip from a couple years ago.  We caught a lot of fish.  A ridiculous number of fish in fact.  A few nice brookies pushing eight inches and a couple surprise rainbows of some size.   

I don’t have any images from the trek, but Daniel will hopefully be sending me a batch here in the near future so I’ll put those up as soon as possible. 

With a sore body and a stressed cardiovascular system, I’ll see you when I see you.  And I’m serious about the CS4 Media Encoder thing.  It’s giving me problems.


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