Jul 3 2009 8:45 am

check, check, and check

My goal for the near future is to do that which Buster does not condone.  You know, use TFO rods, fish with Jerry Darkes, whore myself out to fly fishing companies for free stuff, keep my website up, the basics.  


I already own four TFO rods, so check on that. 


Jerry Darkes is the Patagonia/Pac Fly/Scott/Nautilus rep for my area and he was in town the other day showing me some waders because we're bringing in a new line at the shop.  We went out on the local water and caught dink smallmouth and spots for a few hours all on topwater which was a pretty fine time.  Jerry's a good guy.  Check on that.  


Redington is sending me some stuff to review on this very website, including their new zip-front waders.  Another chance to check out a new wader line for the store.  Check on that.


And because my site isn't nearly as popular as Buster's Mustard I should have no problem keeping it up on the internets.  So check on that.


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