Sep 23 2009 6:55 pm

clacka hopper copper dropper craft

After fishing for trout nearly 30 days straight you can't just up and go cold turkey, all smallmouth all the time, and the wiper are still a few weeks away.  So Justin and I hit the road late Monday night for a quick shot at the Cumberland tailwater in Kentucky.  We got into the campsite so late and left so early we didn't pay.  Ha. 


We were lucky enough to catch Troy Humphrey on a day off.  I had the distinct pleasure of enjoying the front seat in his drift boat.  Justin was in his Native Ultimate, under his own power. 


The hatchery at Wolf Creek Dam has had some temperature issues and stocked a ridiculous number of rainbows recently.  We caught a good number of them, and Troy and Justin even managed a few nice holdovers and a couple browns.  Troy is the man.  If you're looking for a good guide on the Cumberland, look him up. 


Also, we saw two bobcats.  Pretty cool.


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