Mar 19 2010 10:05 pm

cooking fish

Fishing for wiper from a boat is a lot like baking.  But without the oven.  You’re usually elbow deep in a thick batter stirring.  Then you sit around and wait.  Sometimes, on the rare good day, you make meringue.  It’s all frothy on top.  Underneath it’s ten pounds of muscle with a hook in its mouth.  But with baking there’s no machine beeping, telling you when it’s time to cast.  So that’s another difference I guess. 

On the other hand, the fish finder could be the kitchen timer telling you when the pie is cooked.  The pie, then, would symbolize a part of the female reproductive anatomy, the general maturation of which would symbolize puberty which in turn would symbolize spring.  The one million eggs represent all the fish I will eventually catch this year.


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