Sep 26 2008 8:07 am

Descartes was a bad ass

That's right folks.  Because the Socrates post was so popular, we're now offerring Descartes, half off, for a limited time.  He was into dueling, late parties, not Sweden, and some of the continent's very finest hopped beer!  Get him while he lasts!


That's not all!  Act now and he will apply himself "earnestly and unreservedly to this general demolition of [his] opinions." Meditations I 18


He's not crazy!  "Unless perhaps I were to liken myself to the insane, whose brains are impaired by such an unrelenting vapor of black bile that they steadfastly insist that they are kings when they are utter paupers, or that they are arrayed in purple robes when they are naked, or that they have heads made of clay, or that they are gourds, or that they are made of glass."  Meditations I 19


(the gourd video is from Rocketboom which was down this morning so I had to upload the video myself, sorry Rocketboom)

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