Sep 12 2010 11:33 am

Dickey-Wicker rider

When I go to bed I turn down the covers and slide into that cold envelope and then read the New Yorker for a while.  I spend most of the rest of my days rowing a boat and grocery shopping.  I tie a lot of flies as well.  It’s goddamn simple and it’s goddamn pleasant. 


Sometimes I also watch Penn State get straight up destroyed by Alabama.  Maybe that’s why Joe Pa never starts freshmen quarterbacks?

This life doesn’t support counterfactuals, nor is it compatible with new experimentalism.  But employing a model-theoretic approach allows me to clearly ascertain every seam of this rather spartan conceptual thicket.


I’ll carve nature at its joints and roast that fucker over an open fire.  So tender and innocent, like veal.


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