Nov 5 2010 3:15 pm


I knew I was in a college town when I started seeing the clean looking spandex clad nubiles wandering around intersections.  Then a jackass with a lazy backpack about walked out into traffac. 

East Lansing come home to me.  Turf research plots and animal disease diagnostic centers clutter the street corners.  Becky Humphries looks me in the face as I swear up and down I’ve never killed a steelhead. 

Because someone didn’t want to go for Thai food and then a quick stop at the peeler joint on 46th we sat together but really each alone at Arby’s mostly inhaling sliced pseudo-roast beef pseudo-burgers.  The whole scene was a little pseurreal.  Steve actually put his sunglasses on because he didn’t want to catch any pshrapnel. 

Then we went fishing today and flashabou won.  Snow came in second.   


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