Jun 1 2010 9:06 pm

don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard

If there's one thing I like blogging about, it's blogging.  That or tweeting.  But when Dr. Cameron Mortenson of Fiberglass Manifesto fame shoots you some pictures of him wearing a t-shirt, then you gotta blog about blogging.  Thanks for the photos dude.  All the propers in the world.  No lie.  No take backs.  Jinx.  Personal.


He was apparently "testing" the new Liquid Logic Versaboard while wearing said shirt.  You ever notice how much stuff he "tests"?  Like Scott's Fiberhammer switch rod?  Did you see how he is now a William Joseph Ambassador?  Man, I wish I got to test stuff.  I wish I was on a pro-staff.  Maybe if I went to a better guide school I'd be on a pro-staff.  I like beer.  I wonder if I can get lead poisoning from my anchor?  I like beef jerky.  If I guided in the salt I'd probably be on a pro-staff.


If I fished with Ben and Sterling more I bet I'd be on a pro-staff.


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