Oct 16 2009 10:07 am

drink local

It has been freakishly cold here.  Right now it's 41 degrees with a forecasted high of 45.  The low tonight is supposed to be 30.  This tends to make the smallmouth fishing suck.  Usually we have at least a few 70-80 degree days in October.  Witness last year's October 15th.


While there are still some big fishing opportunities to be had, i.e. Pell's visit, birthday steelhead, etc. etc., I've turned to beer and whisky for consolation. 


Bloomington Brewing Company released a Mild last month.  Milds are arguably my favorite style of beer so I had to have a taste.  It was served on CO2, despite the fact that they had an open hand pump.  On CO2 it was too cold and had a biting, spritzy, acidic carbonation.  Milds are too light to serve at standard pressures on CO2, or on CO2 at all in my opinion.  After much vigorous siwrling and half a pint later the beer warmed up, gased out, and settled in nicely.  Very smooth, clean beer that was dominated by bready, biscuity malts and fermentation character.  Finished warm and comforting and soft.


Upland's Schwarzbier is awesome this year.  I remember last year's (or perhaps two years ago?) being sweet and unremarkable.  This year it's tight, dry, lively, but with a complex malt character, and finishes with a swift kick of bittering hops that wraps it all up nicely.  Upland's Rauchbier, a very cool one off to have on tap, is super phenolic in the nose, literally like a pint of crushed band aids.  Little overwhelming.  But if you can get past the nose the beer finishes with rich, smoky malt character that is satisfying in some deep, prmiitive way.


Also, help me pick one sticker for my car.  I'm leaning towards either The Drake or the square Thingamabobber. 


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