Aug 2 2009 7:36 pm

eat in Wheaton

Should we have tall, alien, and obsidian or short, squat, and Olmectic con las momias de Guanajuato?  Fried cassava y chicharron?  Si, muy bien, y mas negritas por favor.  Y dos mas pupusas.  Ahora.  Ahorito.  Yo voy a intentar comer estes y despues, hmmmm, y despues si puedo poner mas en mi estomago, yo voy a comer un todo cerdito raro.  Y, YYYYYY, tan barata!

M.B.- “Kids just like to run around and climb trees and shit.  Then they grow up and stick their dicks in skanky holes.”

A.K.Z.- “Circle of life dude, circle of life.”

I’ve been busy circumnavigating some point in West Virginia.  In the mean time, Kevin got Paul and Tim into some capr up on the flats in Lake Michigan, Daniel sent me some pictures from our Smokies trip, and I caught one significant bass on Smith Mountain Lake. 

By the by, I’ll be in Colorado from August 23rd until September 13th or so.  Anybody want to do some hotspotting for me?  Perhaps show me their honey hole?  Not their skanky hole.  Their honey hole.  I’m looking at you here MG.   


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