Sep 21 2011 12:00 pm

everybody relax

Allow me to narrate the in-between spaces. Please let me fill in the blanks. I’ll tell you how it works, the parts you can’t see, so that we can feel OK about it happening. Because it will happen fast and it will happen hard and it will happen all the time and we’ll need some way to make sense of it and I’m willing to do that for you. I’m willing to make sense of it for you.

Did you set the hook into or out of his mouth? They like to sit on the inside bends on the current break because they can get to calm water there, they can get to food there, to cover. Fish won't move very far to take a nymph because they don't have to. He's got it together because his dad took him fishing when he was a kid. She had trouble with anybody telling her what to do. She was just born plain dumb stubborn. This is why she hitchhiked home alone last winter and got in the wrong car with the wrong dude.

Don’t worry. I’ll spin it right. I’ll make you look good and me look good and we’ll all come out looking good in the end.

And no one can tell me that’s not the way it happens.


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