Sep 9 2008 11:00 pm

fine day for a near skunk

The weather turned cool last night with a low around 50.  It was decidedly crisp this morning.  I arrived on my regular stretch of my favorite little creek early this afternoon.  I started tossing a hard popper.  Nothing.  Needle-like #8 Clouser.  Nothing.  Chartreuse over white.  Nothing.  Olive on olive.  Nothing.  Dahlburg Diver.  Nothing.  Black Wooly Bugger.  Nothing.  Olive rubber-leg Wooly Bugger.  Nothing.


I walked far up my regular beat, farther than I've ever gone.  The sun was low on the horizon, cutting orange through the trees on the ridge when I decided to turn around.  I had been skunked.  I hadn't been skunked on my favorite little creek in a long time and despite the very fine weather I was feeling bad about the whole thing.  Though it wasn't a total skunk.  I caught a couple long ear sunfish, a decent spotted bass, and two juvenille smallies, but that's a skunk I suppose in the end. 


After the last rather cavalier post on my favorite little creek I'm slightly embarrassed.  Out of desperation, on the slog back downstream, I tied on a big rabbit fur fly I said never works in the fall.  It produced.  The only fish of the day.  But what I fine fish it was.  Triceratops saves the day. 


What the hell do I know about fishing?



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