Apr 1 2011 9:39 pm

friday night lights

When you’re a social media juggernaut like me, things just go well on Fridays.  First you do a bunch of work in the morning while you’re dealing with your new social media juggernaut status.  Then you watch the Phillies look pretty bad against the Astros for eight and a half innings in their season opener.  You’re pretty depressed about it, particularly because it’s Brett Myers.  But holy crap, it’s the bottom of the ninth and they’re slappin’ that ball all over the place.  And they pull out the win. 

Then you figure because it stays light until 9pm that you’d better walk in and check up on the steelhead.  Of course you don’t catch a steelhead, but you do catch a pretty nice compensatory brown.  And while a 13’6” spey rod will make even the largest river brown seem pretty small, there is really nothing quite like big wild brown trout.  Big leopard spots.

Then you stop at Steve’s and see his new motor and track mud into his foyer.  Then you stop in to see Kevin, you make the Walhalla circuit, and you drink a beer in his driveway and talk about April Fool’s Day and April Vokey.  Then you go home and drink five High Lifes because you’re tax refund hasn’t arrived yet.

Then you put it up here and on Facebook and on Twitter and on some other crazy social media shit because goddammit, you’re a juggernaut. 


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