Sep 2 2010 1:19 pm

get him in there

It’s a rotten persistence that keeps my spirits lifted.  A hard rain is gonna fall.  Then it did.  And all those kings didn’t push right upriver because apparently hard rain does not equal high river in early September. 

Kind of like how high blood pressure does not equal more exercise, which is more less obvious depending on your blood pressure I imagine.


I’ve fished for kings about 10 of the last 12 days.   I’ve hooked 12 fish and fought some of them for a fairly long time, but not one of them made it to the boat.  Extremely frustrating.  Then yesterday, after Steve’s nine year old son Mitch put a king in the net, I knew it had to be done and finally landed one of those thick bastards.  It was occasion for some not minor celebration.  I’m loud.  Nice camera work Mitch.


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