Feb 21 2009 8:17 pm

glossy fishbeer

The latest issue of American Angler (the magazine) has a blurb about fishing related beers that I wrote.  Front of book stuff, I'm told.  I sent them 1,000 words of pure literary gold.  They printed 150.  And I would never use the term "worm-dunkers."  And I try very hard to not use the term "microbrewery."  Either way, it's a glossy yo, and I look forward to writing about fishing beers for them a bit more in the future.


From the cut, to be preferred:


"The Timber Coulee River lurked below, braiding its way through fields of tall Asters and grasses that bent under the weight of a heavy dew.  The Trico hatch was in full swing.  Thousands of tiny Mayflies swarmed over the riffles in a mad orgy.  Trout sipped them from the surface in the pool below leaving a tangle of slowly expanding circles on the smooth glass surface of the slow flat river. 


I retrieved the dewy bottles of IPA from the creek.  The rush of escaping carbonation carried citrus and herbal notes.  I swallowed the entire twelve ounces in one long motion and my eyes watered slightly from the carbonation.  The first was for thirst.


I leaned back on my elbows and released a satisfying belch, thinking about how good things can be sometimes.  I opened the second bottle for a buzz and laid on my side poking bugs with grass until I became drowsy, turned over, and napped."

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