May 14 2009 8:21 am

good stuff from Oregon

I try not to post things like this because there are already too many glossy link and photo and video dumps like Moldychum.  But, this is a fantastic interview about what seems like a fantastic movie.  Of course, at the Fly Fishing Film Tour, they only showed the trailer.  Which I had already seen.  But I digress. 


The interviewer and filmakers are well spoken and insightful, the pacing and production of the video itself is great, and you all too rarely see interviews with the makers of fly fishing films like this.  But that probably has to do with the fact that, as is noted in the interview, The Rivers of a Lost Cost is not really a fly fishing movie.


This was produced and posted over at the Oregon Fly Fishing Blog.  And Matt- it looks like your show was a huge freaking success.  I mean, I can see the beers in the people's hands.



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