Sep 20 2009 11:28 pm

goodbye Colorado, it's been real

Sit down.  I have something to tell you.  It will seem serious because I have a flat top and a large beard. 


Everyone is an animal. 


What evolutionary past has shaped our interactions?  What convolutions, what social in folding and wanderings of thought and aesthetic proclivities produce these wind borne cultures?  How do they grab and again grab hold?  Crack and again crack the marksman!  This America is almost too much to comprehend.  George Bush and John Madden sit chatting idly in the new Coliseum.  Hardly the Pax Romana?  I have no idea. 

Also, the Colorado river in Gore Canyon reminds me of the Little Juniata in Barree Gorge.  Yes, it all comes back to Pennsylvania.  Even though we have gorges and not canyons really.


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