Aug 10 2008 1:11 pm

high mountain, all species

One thing Cow Creek Ranch could improve is the strength of their coffee.  I’m sitting here now in Soma in Bloomington Indiana enjoying a tall glass of very fine, strong-brewed, real coffee.  I’m going to drink two.  Maybe three. 


Scuff on the fuselage, lightening on the left, lightening on the right, my flight back from New Mexico was not great.  I got to my new house around 2:00am last night.  I still have to unpack from the move.  Awesome.


But enough of the complaining.  Just two days ago I was traipsing through high meadows on the Sangre de Cristo Mountains plunking down a bushy stimulator in every riffle, pocket and hole of Cow Creek looking for the five-slam.  Above the black, swirling, deep pools of the manicured guest beats on the main fishery at the ranch, Cow Creek continues to climb into the mountains above 10,000’.  There’s a trail that follows it all the way up. 


I broke my 3 weight so the ranch manager let me borrow her brand new Helios 3 weight.  It was an 8’4” tip flex 3 weight.  I prefer a flimsier 3 weight.  Doesn’t need to be fast.  I want it to be flimsy to protect my tippet and allow me to lay the fly down gently.  A Helios 3 weight seems silly.  3 weights are light enough.  I’d like to try an 8 weight Helios.  It did rollcast quite well though…


Between my brother and I we got the five slam in a couple hours: rainbow, cut-bow, cutthroat, brown and brookie.  It was mostly cut-bows up there, some going to 12”.  It was great fishing. 


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