May 20 2009 6:24 pm

House is Yaniv's kryptonite: a blind lager tasting

Yaniv’s a popular guy.  And hairy.  He always has “plans” and showed up early on Sunday night for the tasting.  House, aka “Ryan,” aka “Grand Poob,” on the other hand, is pretty laid back.  We were supposed to get things started at 5pm and at 5:30 he calls me and says he just woke up from his afternoon nap. 

House and Yaniv tasted these beers blind.  House is BJCP certified and is quite an accomplished homebrewer.  Yaniv is “all about bourbon these days” and has been to Dark Lord Day twice.

1.  Spaten Lager: clean and neutral but with a hint of something, perhaps DMS says house.  House guessed Munich Helles.

2.  Lowenbrau: cleaner than the Spaten with a bit more mouthfeel.  House guessed Munich Helles.

3.  Hofbrauhaus: bigger hop nose, bigger mouthfeel, a bit maltier than the first two, the favorite of the first three.  House guessed Bohemian Pils but was unsure.

4.  3Floyd’s Helles: hazy orange with big malts in the nose and on the palate but with the crisp acidic finish of a lager.  Yaniv called it. 

5.  Coors Blue Ribbon: corny DMS sticks out like a sore thumb.  House guessed American Lager. 

6.  Schmidts: not as much DMS in the nose, very neutral palate, very low hop flavor and bitterness.  House guessed American Lager.

7.  Yuengling Lager: threw everyone off.  Had something strange in the nose and on the palate, House thought it was oxidized. 

8.  Penn Gold: quite a bit of hop bitterness with some nice malts, but some diacetyl.  House guessed craftbrewed Lager.  Yaniv guessed the lager House brewed last year.

9.  Sam Adams Boston Lager: big hops in the nose, tea like astringency on the palate, big hop flavor and bitterness.  They weren’t sure what to make of it.

10.  Bitburger Pils: quite hoppy and clean, Yaniv’s favorite so far.  House says papery with graham cracker and calls it: German Pils.

11.  Pilsner Urquell: big hop nose and skunky.  Quite bitter.  House calls it, Bohemian Pils

12.  Sly Fox Pils: huge diacetyl in the nose and on the palate.  House doesn’t like it.

13.  Victory Prima Pils: big grassy nose with substantial malt on the palate but definitely on the hoppy side of balanced.  House calls it: Bohemian Pils. 


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