Nov 2 2010 11:14 am

how to go to bed on a cold night

Assure all covers are aligned, fluff and stack pillows carefully.  Lay on left side with left arm out towards left towards lamp holding book blankets over right shoulder.  Beware the scratchy one.  After reading for several minutes start to fall asleep.  Lay down magazine, reach out right hand to right to turn light off.  Shift blankets slightly to right before rolling counterclockwise to stomach.  Pull smaller pillow down perpendicular to larger one and parallel to body.  Pull covers up almost over head.  Beware the scratchy one.  Tuck top left corner of large pillow under itself and place head facing left on top.  Move right arm parallel with body.  Absolve yourself of all bad things.  Attempt to forget worst.  Aspirate stomach contents.  Move left arm parallel with body.  Bend left knee and place to left side tucking left toes under right knee.  Sleep.   

Dream of steelhead not dying.

Now we’ll yell it. 


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