Sep 5 2009 7:11 pm

I didn't see any gavagai, lot of cows though

I got a hotel here on the Blue River because I need a shower pretty bad.  $59 a night with wireless.  I consider that a pretty big score. 


Just got off the Dream Stream with Gracie.  Full story eventually.  If he wasn't constantly changing his glasses lenses and if that pig of a brown trout hadn't come unstuck last night it would have been a good time. 


What a jerk.


Here are some pictures from the Conejos.  It was kind of hard fishing.  Reminded me a lot of Penns Creek: big hatches, lots of stoneflies, and the fish don't have to eat dry flies if they don't want to.  I caught a decent number of 10-14" fish, broke off a few big ones, and generally had an awesome time thanks to Devan and John at Conejos River Anglers.  I have more pictures from the Conejos to come.


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