Oct 31 2008 10:40 am

I own it: there is no such thing as an intense real heat

Descartes was just kidding when he doubted everything.  Psych!  Berkeley, on the other, is pretty serious. 


This is him just getting warmed (!) up kicking secondary qualities to the curb.  Wait till he hits his stride with primary qualities!  DAY-UM!


"Hylas: It is undeniable; and to speak the truth, I begin to suspect a very great heat cannot exist but in a mind perceiving it.


Philonous: What!  Are you then in that sceptical state of suspence, between affirming and denying?


Hylas: I think I may be positive in the point.  A very violent and painful heat cannot exist without the mind.


Philonous: It has not therefore, according to you, any real being.


Hylas: I own it.


Philonous: Is it therefore certain, that there is no real body in nature really hot?


Hylas: I have not denied there is any real heat in bodies.  I only say, there is no such thing as an intense real heat."



Philosophy is so great.  "We spend our lives in doubting of those things which other men evidently know, and beliveing those things which they laugh at, and despise."

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