Oct 2 2009 9:43 am

I swear to god, if you badmouth freshwater drum one more time, it's over

I floated 10 miles of this Indiana river famous for it's biodiversity to catch trophy smallmouth and muskie.  I didn't catch any of that.  I did, however, catch a bunch of drum.  I've always wanted to catch one, so that's pretty cool.  The big ones definitely fight.  I think they're pretty and have a dignified, snooty, Cambridge don look about them.  They keep musty basement rooms and eat crayfish, and rather large sculpin apparently.  They don't actually smell or feel all that different from any other fish I've ever caught.  Except walleye.  Walleye are weird.  I had to quit fishing on the bottom because I was only catching drum.  Lot of little smallmouth and a few spots on clousers and the Indiana Hot Top.  Also a baby tarpon?  I have no idea what that fish is.  Shad?  They were super agressive.  They'd flash the fly two or three times before they got a holt of it.


I did hook into one of the trophy smallies, the biggest smallmouth I've ever hooked.  He was 20" and five pounds if he was an ounce with a mean streak a mile wide and shoulders like an ox.  He came out of the water twice, four feet high ten feet from the boat.  I saw that the big orange clouser was just barely hanging from the corner of his mouth.  Goddamn he was thick.  He made a few impressive runs and my 6wt just bent over and let him go.  I was fucking with the net and I must have given him a bit of slack and pop.  Off we went.  


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