Jan 8 2009 8:26 pm

Ich bin ein catch all blag post

Ich bin traveling to Berlin Germany tomorrow, the city where John F. Kennedy said that he was a Berliner, "Ich bin ein Berliner."  But what's so goddamn interesting about this is that I'm flying through JFK International Airport on my way to the continent. 


Unfortunately, JFK is possibly the shittiest airport in the country.  When I arrived there two years ago from England it was a huge clusterfuck.  Besides losing my luggage, and my knife disappearing from it, they had to soak my boots in some sort of disinfectant because I'd been on a farm.  Fair enough.  But that was a nice knife.


Anyway, I'm traveling to the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science to participate in a workshop on the history of biology.  I'm a bit stressed out about the whole thing, the travel, the talk itself, but I'm sure I'll learn a lot, get good advice on my paper, and probably drink some fine fresh lagers throughout the city.  


I went fishing in PA last weekend at Big Spring Creek, Penns Creek, and the Little Juniata.  I caught one fish.  I missed a couple on Penns throwing big streamers, but it was pretty lame.


I stopped to see Brian in Lewisburg and R and Ken in Clairton.  I drank a lot of beer.  I was going to do the beer journal thing again but then decided against a full blown report.  I'll simply mention some of the highlights. 


Legacy Brown Ale Girl- handpump at the Drafting Room, damn fine beer.


Victory Scarlet Fire- draught at the Drafting Room, phenolic    

fermentation character, interesting.


Sly Fox Odyssey Imperial IPA- draught at the Drafting Room, big citrusy thing, a little much for me that day.


Stoudt's Scarlet Lady ESB- keg on New Year's Eve, like this beer, nice caramel malty character with reasonable hop profile.  Good call for New Year's Benwah. 


Miller Genuine Draft- draught at some chain BBQ place near my brother's in NE Philly.  I don't think they even had Yuengling.  I like MGD. If I had to choose one macro lager as my favorite, MGD would probably be it.


Troegs Troegenator- bottle at a bar in Lewisburg PA, a big, malty beast of a bock that hides its ethanol well (at least at that point in the night). 


Selin's Grove Scottish Ale- draught at their brewpub in Selingsgrove PA, nice clean maltiness with some restrained bready-fruity character.


Selin's Grove IPA- big, almost astringent bitterness. Good.


Selin's Grove Pils- nice Saaz character but doesn't finish sharply like a perfect pils should.  Still a great beer.


Selin's Grove Wee Heavy- on the handpull at the brewpub, this beer's a bruiser at 12%.  A surprisingly low final gravity, not sweet and goopy, but still sweet and seriously malty.  Some winey notes. 


Selin's Grove Triple- phenolic, dry, nice.


Selin's Grove Brown Ale- awesome nuttiness, hints of coffee, it's chock full o'nuts.  Like your mom. 


Stay tuned for some Berlin Blagging. 


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