Jul 9 2008 12:29 am

I commute for wild trout

The first conscious breath is almost a gasp, a surprise, at the beep beep beeping of the alarm clock.  Feelings run the gamut from confused to angry to resigned in less than a minute.  Another day.  Still a person in the world.  Get out of bed. 


I get dressed and walk stiffly downstairs where the coffee machine sits idly, a block of plastic and metal that would remain inert if it weren’t for me.  I drink the coffee and eat the cereal and put on the clothes and I’m on the road by 8:15am. 


I head north toward Philadelphia.  Toward the jobs.  Sitting in traffic with everyone else on 202.  Bumper to bumper from Belmont to the Curve.  Cottman to Gerard.  Glass of wooder.  


The office is slow today yet I’m fairly productive nonetheless.  I’m on my feet for eight hours again.  I head home at 4:30pm in an attempt to beat the masses but get stuck in rush hour nonetheless. 


Valley Creek is located in Valley Forge National Historic Park just outside Philadelphia.  It’s a limestone creek that is cool all summer long and has a very fine population of wild, stream bred brown trout. 


Caught this fish literally under the PA Turnpike, tractor trailers roaring by overhead.

Maxwell's quarters

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