Dec 4 2010 9:14 pm

I'm high

“Bitter symphony of flavor”?  More like bitter symphony of bitter.  Reminds me of the time I first tried fresh Devil Dancer.  Fuck me.  I’m a fan of bitter beers, but I’m a bigger fan of hoppy beers.  I had to wash the flavor out of my mouth with four High Lifes (Lives?).  Should have given the New Holland Imperial Hatter a year or two, but then, just like old Devil Dancer, it would taste like a barley wine.


At least I have a nice buzz.   

And so I went fishing all by myself today because everybody else was at some fly tying thing in Steve Holt Michigan and I went fishing at all because it was supposed to be the warmest day for like a week, high of 34, but it never did get above freezing so my fingertips hurt but the fish didn’t seem to mind.  It’s really hard, when you’re fishing a 13’ 6” rod from a boat, to net your own fish. 


The end.


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