Aug 2 2008 12:18 pm

I'm in texas

Though Amy says it doesn't count unless as I go outside because airports are merely "liminal spaces."   Or maybe she said "luminal."  I'm not really sure but her point is well taken: moving sucks. 


But I am completely moved.  I now live on the west side of Bloomington.  My neighborhood even has a name.  But I didn't have much time to enjoy the new house as I left this morning at six in the a.m. for the airport.  I flew to Dallas.  In a couple hours I will fly to Albuquerque.  Then I will drive to Pecos.  Then I will fish. 


I just polished off a big styrofoam container full of fried rice and black pepper chicken which to my great chagrin contained large brown mushrooms.  While I was consuming this food an Asian woman sat down next to me and proceeded to begin doing something with her phone.  I leaned over close and said to her in a quiet voice as I indicated with my tiny plastic fork: "I'm eating food from your homeland."  She was obviously confused.  Then I said: "I've been following your country's preparations for the Olympic Games with some keen interest and it seems that the pollution controls are failing to reduce the airborne particulate matter to acceptable levels.  What do you think of that?"


After a moment she responded in a rather thick southern accent: "My parents are Korean.  I was born and raised in Plano."


Grant and I took over 2,660lbs of trash to the dump a couple days ago.  That's what happens when five or six people live in a house and never have to move all the way out.  Sucks when you're the one that has to move all the way out. 




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