Jun 19 2010 11:52 am

I'm your ice cream man

The wind blows off the lake every day.  It’s cool here, ten degrees cooler than ten miles inland and a lot more pleasant than southern Indiana.  Of course come January I may be singing a different tune, probably Van Halen’s Ice Cream Man, but it could be something else, I don’t really know.  See, all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy. 


No more run-ins with the neighbors and my mailwoman is hot.  The fishing has been off the chain yo.  Yes, off the chain.  Epic.  The real deal.  Rather good.  

I’ve pulled the boat up more dirt roads and over those same railroad tracks more times this past week than I care to remember.  Driving rt.10 at night is disorienting.  It’s so long and straight.  High beams three miles away look like aliens.  The battleship looms in my rearview and those stupid national forest parking tags get sucked off the dash and out the passenger side window with some not uncommon frequency. 

I owe a lot to Steve Martinez for helping me learn the river and get settled in Ludington.  Maybe one of the most competent guys I’ve ever met, hell of a fisherman and more than willing to go out of his way to help me.  Thanks Steve.   

And have you seen the new Drake?  I actually have a piece in there about Indiana creek smallmouth with a reference to thick women, always a positive.


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