Oct 15 2008 7:07 pm

Indiana autumntime smallmouth: dodging walnuts

Despite the 80 degree temperatures, fall has arrived here in south central Indiana.  And with it the annual walnut bombardment.  I haven't been clocked yet but there were some close calls today.


It was supposed to rain and storm starting around 9am this morning but I went out for a few hours anyway.  It didn't rain or storm, though it was a bit windy at times.  And the fishing was excellent.  I hit yet another new section of my favorite little creek, one that connects to the top end of my regular haunts.  I picked up a good number of smallmouth and a few large ones as well.  I also scored two large Kentucky spotted bass for Tom Chandler.  The Kentucky spotted bass should be the official Kentucky spotted bass of the Trout Underground.


I have good fish porn today.  


Go Phillies.  



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