Mar 17 2009 10:27 am

it's called the social contract and you signed it

Went to the local tailwater yesterday and caught a few fish.  Had some big brewns flash the ridiculous articulated flies I tied up the other night.  Had my streamer rod stolen.  It had a $300 reel on it and a $60 line.  They even took my fucking Bugger Barn.


I hope they don't know what they're doing and try to throw one of the 8"  monstrosities and catch it in the back of their head and the barb gets stuck in their scalp and it really fucking hurts and bruises a deep purple bruise and maybe it gets infected and it's sore for six weeks and it oozes puss and they're embarrassed about it because it smells bad.


On the positive side, maybe I'll get that switch rod now.  Anybody have any advice on switch rods?  I'd like to use the 15' 8wt extra fast (6-7 ips) sink tip I still have on my spare spool.  I'm guessing it's 250-300gr but I don't know for sure.  The TFO Deer Creek 6wt switch calls for a 300-500gr (total head weight) line.  That's a 8-12wt floating line I think which seems a bit much.  Though the general rule I've heard from TFO is to upline 2-3 line weights.  I'd rather not buy a new spey line.  Also, could you reasonably overhand cast a large streamer with a 6wt switch with the appropriate floating line?  What kind of fish can I catch?  Will that rod have any backbone?  Probably not. 


You know what's really ironic?  When I parked at the sheriff's to file a report there was a 2007 TFO catalog in the parking lot.


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