Apr 4 2011 11:13 am

keep it weird fishbeer

Frank woke up in a back alley of course.  It smelled the sharp and sour smell of freshly rotting garbage, the bacteria that evolves exotic gases and makes liquids bubble subtly.  He was lying on his side on his hip and it was sore and his left arm was asleep because he had his head on it.  He fingers felt greasy and his jeans felt stiff against his legs.  There was grit in the palm of his hand.  His head hurt and he was nauseous.  His wallet was gone and his nose and throat burned from all that coke.  

Some people get lucky in life.  Some people don’t.  Frank don’t. 

Fishbeer will never be a social media juggernaut.  That was all just an elaborate April Fools joke.  Don’t worry, next year we’ll be back to new animal-beverage combinations on this greatest of all holidays.  Thanks to my brother Adam who is the wizard of the php and does a lot of work on this site for free because he’s a good guy.

Also, fishbeer does have RSS feeds if you’re so inclined.  They’re just located way down there on the bottom right.  They’ve been there for years.  Also, I have a personal Facebook page on which I post all sorts of interesting things like my plans for dinner which often include 5 eggs, a hamburger, and some spinach.


Finally, Third Coast Fly, the other blarg I run, does have an actual brand spanking new Facebook page.


That is all.

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