May 7 2009 7:10 pm

laundry list of fish and beer

As I type these words I’m throttling west on the PA turnpike, my father behind the wheel of his Acura maniacally punching the volume control on his steering wheel as we rapidly close the distance between us and a car traveling at 75mph in the left lane.  “Huh.  That’s not the cruise control.”  He spends a lot of time in North Jersey and drives kind of like a nut job. 

We’re heading to Penn’s Creek.  It is up and off color.  Lot of rain lately.  The Little Juniata is pushing like 1500cfs, but Penn’s isn’t up that bad.  Spring and Fishing Creek are looking a bit better.  We’ll throw some streamers and hope we don’t get much more rain.  I’m very much looking forward to finally getting to sample some beers at the Elk Creek brewpub in Millheim.  I’ve been through Millheim three times since the brewpub opened but they have weird hours like most central PA businesses and I have yet to get in there [Now I am here, at the brewpub.  They have wi-fi.  The beers are cloudy.  More about them tomorrow.  We’re coming to the brewpub three nights in a row.]

Had a rod and line demo day in Bloomington on Sunday.  Tim brought his Sage Smallmouth and we cast it next to my TFO Mini Mag.  Not a perfect comparison as the Smallmouth is about an 8wt while the Mini Mag is about a 10wt, but still.  The Smallmouth is much softer.  The Mini Mag felt like a broomstick.  I could definitely cast a bit farther with the TFO though.

Also, the TFO Axiom 7wt over lined with an 8wt line was pretty freaking awesome.  I also discovered that indeed the Sharkskin line does shoot like a mofo.  It feels particularly good on the 9 ½’ 6wt Helios.

The Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington IN has recently installed a solar water heating system and the first beer they brewed with it was a Pale Ale they named Helios.  Coincidence?  Probably.  It is a fine beer.  Quite light body, pretty dry.  Nice hop character and a hint of caramel or perhaps diacetyl in the finish.   

Fished the Tulpehocken in Reading on Tuesday with a dude I met on the Drake message boards.  Good guy.  Excellent fisherman.  He was an indicator nymphing machine and caught at least 20 fish.  I am not exactly an indicator nymphing machine and only caught 3.  Tried streamers and a few dry flies.

No more laundry lists.  One week.



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