Jan 17 2010 3:06 am

Maddie and Adam I'll miss you

Yeah, so, we call it Man Overboard when it’s really called Old Overholt but when you split a whole bottle in two hours between four or seven people in addition to a case or two of beer and a handful of mojitos it will make you feel like a man lurched over the gunwale of a boat in rough seas.  Sure, I ate the pizza.  Even Ben went to get fresh doughnuts on his skateboard in his bathrobe just one hour ago.  His wife didn’t want him to, she has such delicate hands for removing fresh madeleines from the pan from the oven.  I understand this.  I thought shit, he’s an adult, a physicist even, he can handle this kind of mission, despite his wife’s incessant tenderness.  I’ll just stand outside in the cool, humid air and think about how cold it was two weeks ago when I was still holed up in my leather chair with a cornucopia of pharmaceutical grade narcotics, chewing tobacco, and High Life.  Now all the snow except that in the lee of particularly big mounds of dirt and/or curbs has melted.  I may even go fishing later today.  Just as soon as I sleep this off.

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