Jan 14 2009 6:38 pm

Magdalena Neuner

The workshop is going well.  Very stimulating.  A lot of people here are experts in the field so it’s a shade intimidating.  But my talk went well.  People reacted the way I expected, more or less, which was good.  The Max Planck Institute is very nice.  They take care of us very well.

I went to what is supposedly the best beer store in Berlin the other day with Todd.  It is in the old East Berlin.  They had a great selection of German beers, but not much else.  I purchased only the stuff I’d never heard of before.  I’m bringing back 7 or 8 bottles of Bock, Doppelbock, a rauchbier, a Berliner Weisse, and one Guinness Export, which I’ve heard about of course, but never tried.  On the way back we stopped at a kabob shop in Todd’s neighborhood for doners, or gyro like things that were good.

I’ve seen some interesting things on TV here as well:

Amerika Extreme: Killadelphia

The smug, faux-ignorant German host, wearing a bulletproof vest, follows cops around Philadelphia.  He interviews the cops, the people they arrest etc.  It is all made to seem very dangerous.    

Crazy Boobs Puzzle Show

Not sure what this show is actually called, or really what’s going on except that there seems to be callers and puzzles they have to solve to win many tens of thousands of Euros.  And there is apparently some text messaging involved which costs a lot of money.  It also seems to be on all day.

Women’s Biathlon

The Germans love their biathlon.  Particularly women’s biathlon.  It’s been on TV every day this week.  I think it's the Weltcup.  Either way, I love the biathlon.  It’s actually a rather erotic thing what with the spandex, the sprawling prone on the snow with long, gangly ski-tipped legs splayed widely behind them, squeezing cheeks against rifles and firing bullets at metal targets that go “clank.”  The top three or four women are shown passing by the same areas of the course using the same camera shots.  One of the shots is a slow motion, close in pan, starting at their skis and moving up their spandex clad bodies, ending finally on their faces, where not uncommonly a shiny, glycerin string of drool falls slowly from their open mouths.  It’s really something to behold.  Just sayin’.  Magdalena Neuner seems to be one of the best on the German team.  I love it when the commentators say her name.  Magdalena “NOY-NAH!”

I’ll be back in Bloomington late Friday night.  I’m honestly sad I’m missing the extremely cold weather.  I think it’s supposed to be -7 F tomorrow.


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