Jul 17 2008 11:09 pm

meat locker

My brother and I are leaving at six in the moanin'.  We're floating 30 miles of the Juniata River this weekend.  Fishing for musky.  And smallmouth bass. So I need to go to bed soon.


But quickly: I visited Nimblelight Corporate Headquarters yesterday (my brother's company).  They have a swanky office.  And guess what is conveniently located between my brother's office and his apartment?  That's right.  You were thinking NE Philly.  You were thinking beer.  You were thinking The Grey Lodge.  Home of Friday the Firkenteenth.  


Unfortunately it was not Friday the 13th so there was no cask madness to be had.  But I did enjoy a nice glass of Troeg's Sunshine Pils and a rather average Saison-style thing from Weyerbacher.  My favorite beer of the day was Coor's Extra Gold.  From a can.  I'm not sure what's up with my affinity with canned, macro lagers of late, but it will likely pass soon enough. 


My brother and I both enjoyed some wings.  The wing and pitcher deal is a pretty ubiquitous thing in Pennsylvania.  In college, in the rural middle part of the state, the bar up the street from my house junior year (Coaches/J's) had wing night where $4.50 got you a pitcher of Yuengling and plate of wings.  College was pretty good times.


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