Mar 6 2009 10:16 pm

MG makes it sound like a magazine

Mr. Michael Gracie, that's Doctor to you, makes the internet sound like a magazine with his "rods on a budget" feature.  I sent him a bit about my TFO Finesse 3wt, probably my favorite rod, at least until my TFO MINI MAG (ALL CAPS REQUIRED) arrives. 


Did you know Michael Gracie has fly fishing movies sent to him for review?  How does that happen?  Ever see his blurb on the "Drift" ads on the Drake?  Nobody has ever sent me shit.  Except that time someone offerred to send me some videos of rivers.  Not rivers with people fishing.  Just rivers.   


Oh yeah, and by the by, it's supposed to be downright balmy tomorrow, so I will be fishing in the afternoon.  I'll be at JL Waters in the morning tying flies as per the norm.

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