Aug 1 2010 12:51 pm


The architecture of my conceptual facilities is baroque in the extreme.  Like paisley.  Like Persian vegetables and a sick Wikipedia.   For everything that has an end must have had a beginning.  Hard to believe, I know.  But I find it patently obvious that everything that has a beginning does not necessarily have an end.

The topography and connections of my leanest concepts seem necessary.  And through this necessity they are secured.  They are warranted, standing up to the world or at least some deep psychological quirks, which are nonetheless in the world.  What is it about necessity that is so compelling?  Which concepts and connections themselves make necessity?  And how are we to provide a necessary and secure foundation for them?  What about necessity is so satisfying?

These structures of thought are not only compelling, they are also necessary themselves.  Not in the logical sense, not in the coherence of concepts sense, but in a primeval, necessary to carry on one foot in front of the other without giving up to pure insanity kind of sense.

Are they as necessary as a clean weld?  Are they as necessary as meat and potatoes, beer and  friendship and hard work, big brown trout blowing up on a mouse at midnight, as masturbating only on the third Monday of every month, as getting a Fishbeer sticker on the back of the Ween tour bus?   

Perhaps.  But I tend to think not.


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