Apr 1 2011 12:01 am

new look fishbeer

Perhaps you’ve noticed the updated “about” tab.  Getting enough guide trips has been tough for me here in Michigan.  I’m barely squeaking by.  So I need to do something different.  Something drastic.  I need  fishbeer to generate some jobs.  My brother Adam, who is a partner at one of Philadelphia’s leading web development firms, suggested that I finally jump into the social media pool. 


And I’m not merely dipping a toe into said pool.  I’m doing a big fat can opener.  And if you’ve ever seen one of my can openers, you know it’s a pretty serious maneuver.  Adam was kind enough to integrate all of the leading social media tools into fishbeer.  I started a fishbeer Facebook page, Twitter account, and all that stuff on the bottom toolbar is also apparently good for business.

So “like” the blog.  “Like” some posts.  “Like” some comments.  You can even “like” the “like” button at the top of the page.  Maybe you’d like to tweet about fishbeer?  No problem.  We’re now set up for quick and easy tweeting.  

Let’s get out there and build an electronic community guys!

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