Mar 9 2010 11:08 am

nope part II: three days of nope

What is that feeling at the core of my central nervous system, the one that feels warm and aches softly all over?  Is it the flu?  Spinal meningitis?  Is it exhaustion?  Is it wrong that I like it because it helps me sleep at 10:00pm?

When I saw the cove on Saturday still full of ice from shore to shining shore I lost my nerve.  I didn’t call.  There was some open water all the way out on the point.  So we walked out there but I still didn’t call.

Waded a few miles in the local creek on Sunday and didn’t catch a thing.  Caught a ride back.  I told the driver about her and he laughed at me and said: “shit or get off the pot son, before you know it you’ll have used up all that charm of yours, ain’t no telling where you'll be then.”

Yesterday I hit a different section of the creek.  Sixty degrees and goddamn sunshine, but couldn’t get bit.  Walked the road back.  I saw her on her fancy road bike riding at me.  There was a big truck hauling massive blocks of limestone and growling its Jake brake barreling down the hill behind her.  Both her and the truck passed me by at the same time and she looked scared.  Her ass looked good in spandex, what with the efficient geometry of the bike forcing her to bend so far over.  I wish she had high heels on.  There is just something special about women riding road bikes in high heels.  I yelled “fuck you” at the top of my lungs and she wobbled on the bike in the cloud of dust the truck made.


Then I went to the beach again and the ice had receded to the middle of the lake.  I saw a dead yellow bass on shore.  I stood in the cold water for an hour then went home to fall asleep at 10:00pm.


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